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Secondly, a real estate contract is a complex document that can have many pitfalls if you aren’t familiar with the terms or comfortable negotiating complex terms.  My team is here to take the stress of understanding and negotiating the terms of the contract with you and then providing you representation through the closing.  

  • Residential Real Estate Closings
  • Asset Protection Services for Investors & Small Developers
The purchase or sale of a residential home is one of the most important legal transactions most families undertake.  Yet, many people question whether they need an attorney to represent them in the purchase or sale of a home.  First, you should know that Illinois does not authorize real estate agents to provide legal advice during a real estate transaction.  The expectation is that Buyers and Sellers will be represented by a lawyer. Real estate just got real easy. Click here to learn more.

Real Estate Seller Services include:

Negotiation of final terms of the real estate contract with the Buyer’s attorney

Title examination and clearance of title exceptions

Preparation of closing documents such as the transfer deed, bill of sale, and closing statements

Representation at the closing table.

Real Estate Buyer Services include:

Negotiation of final terms of the real estate contract with the Seller’s attorney such as closing credits and/or repairs

Title examination

Representation at the closing table.

Asset Protection for Investors and Small Developers

As a real estate investor and/or small developer, both your personal property and business assets may be subject to the risks of lawsuits and/or government actions, such as liens and building code violations.  You are also at risk of getting into bothersome and costly disputes with general contractors and tradesmen. 

Don’t subject your personal and business assets to unnecessary risks.  Here’s a shortlist of Asset Protection steps you should  consider adopting to protect your family and business.

  1. Choose and establish the right legal business entity.
  2.   Follow best practices to maintain your “veil” of corporate protection.
  3.   Use Land Trusts to add an extra layer of anonymity and protection.
  4.   Purchase the appropriate insurance
  5.   Use the proper contracts when transacting business.

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