Family Law

Family Law

Divorce, Child Support and Custody disputes are some of the most emotionally challenging areas of the law .  Our team is committed to providing you compassionate legal representation that protects your rights and achieves the outcomes you desire.  Contact us today to discuss your family law needs.

Thinking about getting a divorce? Take a look at what our team produced for you here. Thank you for your interest in the divorce services of my team. If you’re thinking about divorce or have made up your mind that you’re ready to end your marriage.  The goal of my team is to provide you with legal counsel and other resources that do more than provide with you more than a divorce court order.  Our goal is to help you better understand the legal process and develop a strategy that helps you to achieve the outcomes you desire.

To get a better understanding of the divorce process, complete the form below to receive a copy of our So You Think You Want a Divorce E-Book.  The e-Book is designed to help you: 

A little organization and preparation go a long way towards helping you to achieve the outcome you want while saving time and money.
  • Decide if you’re emotionally prepared to divorce
  • Get Organized
  • Understand your household finances
  • Determine if you can afford to be divorced

Ideally, you should have 3-5 years of financial records such as:

Your W-2 Forms

Tax Returns (Federal & State), including all schedules and 1099 forms

At least one year of checking account statement(s) for any account held in your name, your spouse’s name and both of your names

Your spouse’s W-2 Forms

At least one year of savings account statement(s) for any account held in your name, your spouse’s name and both of your names

Pay Stubs

Real Estate Valuation

Retirement Account and Pension Statements

Non-Retirement Investments such as stocks, bonds, secured notes, mutual funds

Life Insurance Policies

Home Mortgage Statements

Statements for home equity loans or lines of credit

Credit Card Statements for the past year

Documents regarding any other loans or debts you or your spouse owes.

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